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Want to join our team in advancing sensor technology for environmental monitoring?

NILUSeveral locations15. mai 2024
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Rune Ødegård

Department leader


Dr. Tuan-Vu Cao


PythonC/C++MSc or Ph.D.

We are looking for a professional and creative researcher who can solve challenging tasks within sensor technology for environmental monitoring.

The ideal candidate should strengthen NILUs enabling technologies (new sensing technologies, hardware systems for ML/AI driven sensor data acquisition) toward intelligent digitization of sensor data across a broad spectrum of applications.

In addition to technical expertise, we would like our new colleague to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, along with the ability to effectively convey complex technical concepts. While collaboration is key, the role also requires the capability to work independently when needed.

Duties of the position

  • Develop and test an optical based sensing prototype.
  • Implement independent research and development activities in the field of sensor technology for environmental monitoring.
  • To disseminate through scientific publications & to exploit through potential commercialization.
  • Proactively contribute to research ideas and proposals
  • Cooperate with other research groups and partners.


  • MSc or Ph.D. degree in relevant fields such as Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems, Instrumentation, and Optics (Applicants with background on other fields will be rejected).
  • Practical experience in implementing sensing prototype (Experiences in PCB design and circuit simulation are expected) (Applicants who do not have experience on electronic design will not be invited for interview).
  • Foreign completed degree (MSc. -level) corresponding to a minimum of four years in the Norwegian educational system.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Experience in one or more of the following items is an advantage:

  • Circuit simulation and electronic design (PCB design)
  • Embedded software-hardware design and testing (microcontrollers, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence-driven sensor data acquisition)
    Programming (such as Python, C/C++, and/or similar)
  • Light theories for environmental sensing
  • Development and testing of optical sensors or other types of sensors

We offer

At NILU, we work towards our common future. Our research will contribute to a good climate, healthy environment, and sustainable societal solutions. This means that work is more than just work; what we do each day makes a difference.

At the same time, we believe in a healthy balance between work and leisure. We offer flexible working hours, work-from-home agreements, subsidized fitness training, and excellent pension and insurance schemes. The salary is competitive.

During a working day at NILU, you will encounter:

  • An international and interdisciplinary environment with pleasant colleagues from all over the world
  • Great creativity and generous sharing of knowledge
  • Broad experience and excellent opportunities for professional development
  • A global network of partners

Most of our approximately 190 employees work at the main office in Kjeller, a short train ride from Oslo. We also have offices in Tromsø and Trondheim, and a subsidiary in Gothenburg.

Questions about the position

Applications should be admitted as soon as possible and no later than the 15th May 2024. The application should contain:

  • Application letter including a statement of motivation and research interests
  • CV (summarizing education and positions)
  • Copies of educational certificates including grades

We advise foreign applicants to attach an explanation of their University’s grading system.

We aim to increase the number of women in the Digital Technologies department; therefore, we encourage women to apply.

For more information about the available position please contact Dr. Tuan-Vu Cao (tvc@nilu.no) for scientific technical inquires and department leader Rune Ødegård (ruo@nilu.no) for general inquires.

About NILU

We research how humans, climate, and the environment affect each other. Our goal is better quality of life for all! We contribute to this through our research on atmospheric composition, climate change, air quality, environmental toxins, health effects, sustainable systems, circular economy, and digitalization, which in turn enable sustainable solutions to current societal and business challenges.

NILU is a non-profit independent research institute, which means that all surplus goes back to the operation and development of socially beneficial research services. We also believe in open research, open publishing, and open source code – because knowledge is meant to be shared. Our employees are our greatest strength, and they contribute to making us internationally leading in climate and environmental research. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for qualified candidates with relevant expertise.


Frist15. mai 2024


Rune Ødegård

Department leader

Dr. Tuan-Vu Cao


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